Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Grammatical Pet Peeve

I, like all the rest of you, have a lot of pet peeves (disco, Hummers for civilians, leading the country into a poorly managed war based on [at best] faulty intelligence), but I have one major one. People do it all the time, and I'm going to have to cut the next person I hear.

"You and I"

Sometimes this is correct, as in "You and I went to the store."

However, if you say "Let's keep this between you and I" you're just being pompous. It's "you and me." Stop trying to sound smart by replacing your me's with I's. It's bad enough when you (generic you, not you who are reading this) are wrong, but don't compound your "wrongness" by trying to sound like a smarty.

Rant over.

(Please don't point out my hypocracy. I know my that grammar isn't perfect and that my spelling is worse. This is my blog, and I'll rant when I want to rant!)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

iPod Top Ten

So the top ten isn't changing much these days from month to month, they've built up quite a lead on everything else. Oh well. It's a habit, so I'm posting it anyway. Deal with that, yo!

1) "Return of the Greivous Angel" Gram Parsons

2) "It's the Nighttime" Josh Rouse

3) "Chief" Patty Griffin

4) "Useless Desires" Patty Griffin

5) "From the Morning" Nick Drake

6) "Long Ride Home" Patty Griffin

7) "Me and Willie" Emmylou Harris

8) "Pink Moon" Nick Drake

9) "Lay Lady Lay" Bob Dylan

10) "Conversation" Joni Mitchell

Exam Week

So here's the deal. The semester is almost over, but this last stretch has been killing me. I'm completely out of creative energy. However, I promise to return to my blogging ways shortly.

For now, here are a list of things that will help me make it through the week:

1) New episode of Lost on Wednesday. (Please, don't be dead, Libby!)

2) Morgan visiting this weekend.

3) Getting to go home and sleep.

4) All the new CD's I've gotten lately (the lastest from Bruce Springsteen and Josh Rouse, the Beatles' Abbey Road, Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Of Montreal's Sunlandic Twins...)

5) Did I mention that new episode of Lost?


Josh Rouse


(I highly recommend this album. It's freakin' great!)

Friday, May 05, 2006

The only thind dead about dead week...

is me! (ba dump chi).

No me gusta estudiar espanol. Necesito desconsar.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tell me!

What we want is rarely what we should want. Why?


The Format

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