Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ahhh, sweet hypocracy

So my friend Michael told me about this, but I didn't really believe until I saw it. In the Baptist Faith & Message (the doctrine for Southern Baptists), they say the strictly believe in the separation of church and state. (

I especially loved the line:

"The church should not resort to the civil power to carry on its work."

So, when it comes to teaching children to pray, the church should not rely on the State (ie, public schools). When it comes to upholding the ten commandments, the church shouldn't use the state (courthouses). How about our holidays? Separation of Church and state would, to me, imply a difference between federal holidays (Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc) and religious holidays (Channakuh, Rammadon, Easter, and, say, I don't know.... Christmas).

Yet, for some reason, every Southern Baptist church I've ever attended supports mandated prayer in schools and forcing the ten commandments through courts and allowing the government to shove Christmas down everyone's throats.

Just thought the contrast between words and actions was interesting.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Recent Purchases

1) Textbooks *

These suckers are way overpriced. Over 300 dollars for just 3 books. I HATE text book publishers.

2) Cover fee to see Elliot play at Pour Cafe * * * * *

Good times, good music, good friends. It was like a credit card or viagra commercial.

3) Emmylou Harris "Heartaches and Highways" * * * * *

I love Emmylou Harris. I love her. Did I mention I love her? Seriously, great collection. Highlights include "Love Hurts" with Gram Parsons (i hated that song until I heard them sing it), "Wayfaring Stranger" "Boulder to Birmingham" (best country song ever) and "Two More Bottles of Wine"

What I Like About You (make that HATE about you... with you being School)

I'm sitting at my house enjoying a nice cup of Badass Chai Tea and talking to a cute Australian girl (hi, Shelley) , while I should be in class. Taking a quiz. (Lo siento, Dr Chambless)

Why am I not there?

Because I cannot find a freaking place to park.

The first week I was back in school, I had amazing spot stealthing abilities. I didn't even have a parking permit, but I was finding spots and not getting tickets. I didn't even have to circle any lots.

Now, that beginner's (for lack of a better term) luck is gone. GONE, I say.

I drove 'round and 'round desperately and never found a spot. So I quit and went to Badass (after 10 o'clock when my class started!)

I've gone from the alpha male parking spot hunter in the tribe (killing spots and bringing home the skins for the cave-wife) to being the old worn-out gorrilla (who must have his bananas mashed up by other gorrillas because he's old and useless.)

Stupid parking.