Monday, November 14, 2005

Driving, Nickel Creek, Breakdown, Concert, Caden, LSU, Major Life Decisions

Story of my weekend, 11/11 - 11/13


While I'm driving to Tuscaloosa for the UA/LSU game, my good friend jMitch calls saying her friend Caleb has an extra ticket to the Nickel Creek concert. I'm about 30 minutes away from Tuscaloosa, having just left Birmingham, and said concert is in.... Birmingham!

I drive into town and straight to jMitch's where I eat a dry ham and cheese sandwhich (she has no mustard, and I refuse to eat the mayo. It's Satan's condiment), pile in to her roommates car and head towards the Ham.


(no not the Mariah Carey/Bone Thugs song)

While listening to Nickel Creek, Buffy says "My car just died" and we coast off the side of the interstate. Sad to say my first thoughts were not of our safety or the problems facing Buffy, but rather if there is any way we are making it to the concert.

We pop the hood to find there is no coolant. (This might explain all the smoke and over heating and dying.) Caleb and I are completely useless. Buffy calls her brother (living in Birmingham) to come save us. This, quite frankly, is very emasculating.

Her brother realizes it's too late to save the car. (By the time he gets there, we had been able to get coolant and water in the car, however it was too late. And by "we" I mean Buffy.) He drives to the concert and leaves us there.


(as in Nickel Creek)

They are geniuses. Amazing. Life changing.

People shouting about sexy pirates, they performed "Short People" AND "Toxic"

But seriously, if I could do anything half as well as they play, I'd be an amazing success at whatever that thing is.


The next day, Saturday, I stop by Jeb and Jennifer's. Two friends from my days as an undergrad at the amazing U of A. (Roll Tide) They just had their first son, whom I am forced to hold.

Don't get me wrong. I love babies, but they make me nervous. Their little tiny humans who are crazyfragile and I'm afraid of breaking them. I like older kids. Kids you can punch. Tackle. Verbally abuse. (Like my cousins and their friends!) You can't punch babies.

But I think Caden's going to be ok. His parents don't like to punch people and he is pretty cute. (Meanwhile, I'm watching South Carolina upset Florida and thinking it's a bad day for my friend Timmy the Florida Fan)


I go to the LSU game and scream and clap and stop. (Props to Lauren and her parents for the tickets)

But all this for nothing.

LSU wins. In overtime. When the momentum of the game was shifting to the dark side, I began to regret making the trip. Then quickly remember had I not to come to the game, I wouldn't have seen Nickel Creek and wouldn't have made all the....

Major Life Decisions

MLD #1: I'm marrying Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek and having little musical violin playing babies (who I won't punch or tackle for many many years), and she can sing to me at night.

MLD #2: LSU is the Liberace of the college football world. Don't get me wrong, LSU is a good team, but who picked those colors? Purple and gold??? It's like Prince without the paisley or cool music. (Note to LSU fans: I like you guys. I like your campus and your school. But serisouly, purple?)

MLD #3: I have to write more. I started this blog as a launching point and then quickly abandoned it like so many high school hobbies. (whatever happened to that skateboard?) So, I will begin writing at least every other day in here. That's my goal.

MLD #4: I miss Allison. She moved to New York, and that's a long way away.

MLD #5: Learn about cars. I don't want to be "Those people" again... those people on the shoulder of the road you pass and think "that must suck" but never stop to help. Can't... be... that... guy...